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FrameGARD Film Anchoring

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FrameGARD is an advanced film battening system. It secures film to the window frame to maximize the effectiveness of the film and avoid loss of the pane into the room.

FrameGARD helps prevent the filmed glazing from leaving the frame by applying an edge batten that traps the film to the frame.

The weakness of traditional battening systems has been overcome by the FrameGARD profile's specific movement zone (patent applied). The film is allowed to move in this zone without putting excessive load onto the film, fixings or frame. The movement zone gives the film additional tear resistance by absorbing a significant proportion of the impact energy before loads are distributed to the glazing frame.

New international standards have made many existing window installations obsolete. FrameGARD allows organizations to upgrade their windows to comply with the new standards at a cost much less than replacement windows and doors.

Tests have shown that use of the FrameGARD film restraint system gives substantial improvement in resistance to blast pressure and body impact loads when compared with traditional daylight film applications.

THE BENEFITS of FrameGARD and Madico Security Window Film

  • Minimizes the risk of personal injury from broken glass
  • Deters forcible entry
  • Reduces liability
  • Cost-effective
  • Effective and attractive alternative to replacing windows and framing
  • Can be installed in a finished environment without disrupting business
  • Deters "smash and grab" burglary
  • Protects your personnel and property
  • Reduces glass-related injuries
  • Safeguards information and equipment
  • Protects against forced entry
  • Protects against the elements
  • Ensures business continuity
  • Protects against terrorism
  • Helps reduce insurance loss